RAF Halton – Mainpoint Magazine – March 2020

Legal Matters for Military Personnel I recommend strongly that serving and retired military personnel consider having a professionally drawn up Will prepared.  Due to my background, I understand many of the issues that you, and your family, may well be going through with the various factors and demands of military life, having been part of

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Wendover News Legal Insights Editorial – July 2020

Protecting your family`s assets – Will planning solutions There are steps that can be taken in carefully drafted Wills to ensure that your wishes will be followed, even if there were changes in your family`s circumstances after you made your Wills, and also to protect your family`s assets. Read Full Article Here

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This is a guest blog I wrote for Remember A Charity, which was recently published on their website When the Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB) came into force, many headlines proclaimed that couples could have up to £1,000,000 free of Inheritance Tax (IHT) from 2020. This was clearly excellent news, but is it quite

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Remember a Charity

In light of the recent ‘Remember a Charity’ week, which reminds us all how important gifts in Wills are for charities, it is quite surprising to note that over 50% of adults in the UK still do not have a Will. If you don’t have a valid Will, the law dictates what happens to

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